We have established a Facebook Group Page under the name “WBCCI Wisconsin Unit”.  We encourage all members of our unit who are active on Facebook to join.  The page provides information on upcoming events, photos, even technical help!  We encourage all our members to participate by joining conversations, posting photos, asking questions, sharing great (or horrible!) campsites, etc.  It is a great place for new members to get a glimpse of our unit!

The page is a “closed” group, for the security of our members.  Only members can view the posts, events, and photos.  We set this up to prevent the unscrupulous people who may use Facebook for criminal gain from knowing when we are traveling and our homes vacant.  To join our group, you must be a member of the Wisconsin Unit of the WBCCI, or a personal friend of someone in the unit.

Please go to our Facebook page, and ask to join!  You’ll be glad you did!

WBCCI Facebook Group