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The August Badger Bulletin is posted

The August issue of the Badger Bulletin is posted. Use the tab at the right to access prior newsletter or access the current issue here.  2013_Aug_Badger_Bulletin.pdf

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A Letter from “Moving WBCCI Forward”

The following is a letter from the Moving WBCCI Forward group.  If you wish more information regarding initiatives of this group, please look at their Facebook page, “Moving WBCCI Forward”.


Moving WBCCI Forward

As members of the WBCCI, we take great pride in the fact that our club is the longest running, single-branded RV club in the United States. From its humble beginnings in the home of Helen Byam-Schwamborn in 1955, thousands of members have participated in unit, regional and international activities. Countless caravans have logged millions of miles and life-long friendships have developed based solely on our affection for Airstreams and the lifestyle it offers us.

Membership in the WBCCI hit its peak of approximately 25,000 members in the late 1970s. Since that time, club membership has declined to well under 6,000 members today. There are uncontrollable factors that include the nation’s economy and attrition, but there are also controllable factors that could be addressed and implemented to turn the tide and begin to grow our club.

An effort has begun within the WBCCI to identify, address and resolve issues with an emphasis placed on a member-focused club. If you had the opportunity to attend this year’s International in Huron, South Dakota, you undoubtedly saw our buttons, “Moving WBCCI Forward”. We, the undersigned, who have taken on various leadership roles in our units and regions, are proponents of this effort to make improvements within our club. We feel addressing and resolving the controllable factors is vital to retain our club’s viability, heritage and standing in the RV community. Ultimately, we would seek club growth in line with the historically high sales of Airstream products that have been outlined over the past few years by Bob Wheeler, President, Airstream Company, Inc. and Justin Humphreys, Vice President of Sales.

What is “Moving WBCCI Forward”? It is an effort to work within units, regions and our International organization to move forward yet still preserve our heritage and to recreate a member-focused club in which Airstream owners want to participate. It is an all-inclusive effort where club practices and policies serve to unite members, where all members are treated with respect, their views are valued and their voices heard.

What “Moving WBCCI Forward” is not is a set of changes or direction being given by the IBT or the International President.

What will “Moving WBCCI Forward” look like when implemented?

  • A long-term strategy in place with focus on members and membership growth. Member input sought and valued. Members treated like valued customers who in turn step up to lead their club. Club remains fluid, realigning priorities with the interests of members.
  • Communications improved and timely on all levels within units, regions, and International, with a strategic focus on utilizing electronic communication when possible. (Unit and Region websites, International Rally website and app, member surveys).
  • Unit rallies, caravans, Regional and International rallies that focus on fun, friendship and adventure. Less protocol required, positive attitudes, good value received for dues paid.
  • Club leaders, who inspire and represent members’ interests, work to alleviate ‘Them vs. Us’, and conduct club business with efficiency and minimal structure.
  • Efficient use of technology available to process information in the most cost-effective means possible, offering members the option of interacting with and submitting information to WBCCI online.

“Moving WBCCI Forward” Vision Statement

To work proactively within our Units, Regions and International entity to bring about improvements that move the WBCCI forward creating a member-focused club in which all Airstream Owners wish to participate.

“Moving WBCCI Forward”Mission Statement

To share our vision of “Moving WBCCI Forward” with all Airstream owners using various communication tools including the Blue Beret, websites, club newsletters and social media.  Select high priority items that will move our club forward. Foster continued and improved communications and work within our units and regions to involve and grow our membership.

In order to continue our effort, we need your assistance.  Step up when needed in your unit and your region.  Work to bring about a positive change in the WBCCI. Provide guidance to new members. Each and every member has something to offer our club. Join the discussion and ‘Like’ our Facebook page: Moving WBCCI Forward.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Beardshear                      Jim and Lynda Polk                      
Region 5                                            Region 12                            

Matt and Beth Hackney                 Steve Rosenthal    
Region 3                                            Region 3                   

Mona and Doug Heath                   Tom and Hedda Smithson           
Region 10                                         Region 12

Steve Piotrowski
Region 7     


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